SCATS Recap: Only Three Days Are Left!

Only three more class days left in SCATS 2014 and the kids are not wasting a minute of the learning (and the fun) time.  Today, students were working on their literary pieces, performing works of art in the creative ceramics class, and some were even creating a modern day Hercules!

Each day we will post the classes we took pictures of right below a brief summary of the day (like you see below)!

#1 Acting (Period 4)

#3 Art and Architecture (Period 3)

#6 American History through Pop Culture (Period 4)

#10 Creative Ceramics:  Hand Building (Period 2)

#11 Creative Ceramics:  Wheel Tossing (Period 3)

#12 Creative Writing (Period 4)

#14 Forensics (Period 1)

#16 Greek Mythology (Period 4)

#22 Musical Performance Troupe (Period 4)

#27 The Hobbit (Period 4)

#30 World Mythology (Period 4)

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