Counselor’s Corner: Naomi Kellogg (Day 6)

NaomiA whole week of classes has already passed us by, and it’s strange to think SCATS is half way over.  As a first year counselor, I didn’t realize how attached I’d become to all of the campers. All of them are so unique and special; it is heartbreaking to think camp has to end. In all of the rush of them getting to know each other, I’ve gotten to watch them open up and build friendships that seem too solid to have only been formed just a few days ago. In the midst of it all, I’ve noticed some of the best ways to make friends include talking about food (because everyone loves good pizza) or just sitting with someone completely new.

Friday night, we all headed to the Garret Conference Center on campus for some pizza. Following the pizza, we went Preston Center Gym for two hours to play basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, swimming, and free time. The kids all seemed really excited to get to have a blast and I was really excited to see some of their skills. The counselors are busy gearing up for a fun filled weekend of activities and laundry runs. SCATS 2014 has been outstanding so far, and there is still more greatness to come.