Counselor’s Corner: Katy Harvey (Day 2)

katyDay 2 of SCATS is in the books, and it’s been a great one! With most of the first-day-of-class nerves out of the way, students returned from their second day with plenty of interesting stories and new friends. It’s great to see how quickly friendships have formed just over the course of a few days. Everyone here, including me, has met a lot of new people. According to many campers I’ve spoken with, it feels like they have known one another for much longer than they actually have.

It’s also fun for me to hear about all the interesting things the campers are doing in class. I’m actually a little jealous because I would like to take some of these classes myself! Maddy, a camper in my hall, described her “Think You Can Write a Better Book?” class as a very interesting one she is taking. Students in that class have begun studying storyline development to create their own hero characters. Maddy says her character will be a horse because “obviously horses are awesome.” I have also heard a lot about Haiku books in “Mixed Media Multicultural Experiences” and have even been taught a few new words in Russian, which I can only hope to remember!

As great as the classes are, campers are really excited about all of our evening activities as well. The afternoon rain showers tapered away, thankfully, allowing Night 2 of optionals to be a success. Some of these included soccer, volleyball,  “The Hunger Games,” Magic: The Gathering, and the always popular, capture the flag. After optionals is always community time, which is a chance for our campers to either play outside or socialize. 8th graders Mazie Coomes and Olivia Gilliam described this as one of their favorite times of day. They said that they loved getting to spend time with the counselors and meeting all sorts of new people; I would have to agree with that myself. As you can see, SCATS is off to a great start, and I absolutely can’t wait to see what the next several days have in store!