Counselor’s Corner: Anthony Gutierrez

AnthonySaturday was an exciting day for the VAMPY campers as we had our annual V-Con! This year, the theme was none other than Mythical Creatures, with dragons swooping in on the opening ceremony.  There were many different themed events being held such as creating your own mythical creature, creating your own equipment such as shields to ward off monsters, and even a feast in Valhalla! I saw several campers leaving with their own custom made shields, excited to test them out on any monsters that would test their might against our brave campers. It was also exciting as we had many campers dress up for V-Con, as is tradition. Costumes were made to resemble characters from Harry Potter, Adventure Time, K-Pop groups, and many more creative ideas! I can say that this was my first V-Con experience, and it was a blast!

The night then ended with a dance at the E.A. Diddle Arena, where campers set fire to the dance floor with their awesome moves. It was a great time, because everyone was showing their moves on the floor! Even though Saturday is over, I know campers will be excited for VAMPY-stock Sunday! These two weeks have been amazing and I can’t wait to see what this last week has in store for everyone!