Teacher Talk: Presidential Politics

imagesIt is hard to believe that we just finished our second week at VAMPY!

Today students watched a documentary about the Ronald Reagan presidency during the first hour of class.  Students then read about the major events of the George H.W. Bush Presidency as we had a good discussion regarding issues that impact presidential elections.  After lunch we watched part of a movie that discussed the presidency of John Adams as we looked at the foreign policy & domestic issues that kept him from winning re-election.  We also had three students role-play the candidates in the 1992 election as Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot.  The rest of class judged their debate as they voted Bill Clinton the winner.  Congratulations to Peter Guthrie for winning today’s debate!

Sunday night students will continue to work on their Project about Mount Rushmore during Study Hall before we get some much needed rest.  Students will load the bus at 2:35 Monday morning to leave for our trip to the Lincoln library in Illinois.  We should return around 9:30 Monday night.  Next week we will examine the presidencies of Clinton, Bush, & Obama before we end with our last assessment next Friday & perform our last presidential debate & wear the presidential masks to different classes!




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