Counselor’s Corner: Ayla Townsend – Star Gazing

Ayla TThe¬†Astronomy¬†class began 4 years ago at VAMPY and brought with them an annual tradition. Last night Bob Summerfield, founder and director of Astronomy To Go, as well as the Astronomy class led a Star Gazing Party. Telescopes as big as 36″ were used during the activity. We were lucky to have a clear night and a perfect view of Saturn and its rings. It was absolutely breathtaking to be able to see the rings of Saturn and 5 of its moons. We were also able to see a Satellite flare in its orbit as the light from the sun reflected off it. The experience was incredible and the kids truly enjoyed such a unique learning experience.

Tonight we will be attending another traditional VAMPY event featuring the sky. After dinner we will be swarming the grass behind the outfield at The Hot Rods baseball game. The kids are looking forward to the fireworks following the baseball game in celebration of the 4th of July. We have an exciting rest of the week planned with activities leading up to the weekend. We have a very busy weekend planned with V-Con and VAMPY stock as well as 2 cookouts in the near future.

Its been an amazing week and a half so far and we are looking forward to the remaining second half of camp.