Teacher’s Talk: Today we count and remember! (Chinese Day 2)

chineseday2It was another busy day.

Other than the language study, students in the Chinese class enjoyed playing mahjong which the main characters played in The Joy Luck Club. Ms. Niu taught them how to wash tiles, set up, and use different strategies. No wonder mahjong has become a very popular game in the USA  to help people put off Alzheimer’s.

The students also learned to 踢毽子Chinese shuttlecock which is similar to playing hackysack. Graham is the student winner when he scored 6 points, but Mrs. Lin, the instructor broke her own record and scored 16. Wow! Senior citizen rocks! Who would like the challenge?

  • Today we learned a few conversational terms in Chinese. We also learned to write and pronounce numbers 1 – 10 in Chinese. The characters are very interesting to me, as well as the techniques used to write them. – Tori
  • I enjoyed learning how to count, learning about dragons and about the city of Guilin. Playing Mahjong was also fun, as was practicing for the debates. Today made me more aware of Chinese tradition and culture. – Andrew
  • Today we learned more in depth about China’s past. Qin was China’s first emperor, bringing order with him to such a chaotic land as China was at that time. He was a strong supporter of ending the burial of alive slaves and the like, and was remembered for this with the famous terra cotta soldiers, many of which have incredibly realistic faces and expressions. – Graham
  • Today I learned how to count from 1 to 10 in Chinese. It was a little difficult, because I already know the same number characters, but in Japanese. It was interesting to learn the Chinese pronunciations, since I had wondered what they were. Saying the numbers while writing the numbers really helped me. I look forward to learning how to count higher. – Katrina


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