Counselor’s Corner: Jake Inman

Jake IToday was a great day for the kids!  We had our final round of optional activities after they got back from class.  After the unfortunate weather cancelled optionals last night, we decided to do most of the same optionals tonight, with a few major exceptions.  The kids have been really tired from all of the excitement, so we decided to add Naptown, USA to the rotation.  This is a yearly optional that we do where the kids can just relax and sleep if they want to.  Many of them opt to bring their books with them to take advantage of the down time.  We had offered Water War II last night as a follow-up to the first water fight that we had, but we came up with a better idea for tonight.  The campers were taken inside and had a massive Battleship tournament, then they went outside and had a massive water war.  Other optionals included Mafia, which is a classic theatre game of intrigue and deception, Soccer, Football, Extreme Competitive Pictionary, and Live Action Role Playing.  Finally, the campers had their first official practice for the Talent Show.  Anyone who wanted to be in the show had to sign up for that optional to show off their act.  We have a few dozen campers who have decided to take part, so we should have an incredible show tomorrow night!