Counselor’s Corner: Ayla Townsend (Midweek Update!)

Ayla THey everyone!

Camp has been a great success so far and we are confident the remainder of camp will go just as well! The kids had the best time in optionals yesterday. Kyle Ritter, Austin Lyons, and I ran the Water Warfare optional, which was perfect to make the heat yesterday a little more bearable. We divided into teams and had a head to head battle with water balloons and wet sponges. After all the campers in the optional were sufficiently soaked, we plotted surprise attacks on the remaining optionals. Humans vs. Zombies never saw us coming. We ambushed wall ball and two-hand touch football in the colonnades and Capture the Flag in Grise Lawn. Some campers were a little water shy at first but they admitted the cool water was pretty refreshing. Tonight we will be attending a band concert at 7pm  held at the colonnades, check back tomorrow for more daily camp posts!