Counselors Corner: Cameron Black

CameronThe first day is always the most difficult: expectations are setting in. How will my classes be? Will I make new friends? How are my counselors? However, the first day of SCATS exceeded all expectations; the kids were great, and the morning was very smooth. Our kids were not late for breakfast in the morning, and they showed aptitude for directions: we had very few stragglers going to class. The campers loved their classes, and we had no problems with their behavior. Lunch was another positive experience; the food was great, and the campers interacted well with others, as well as their suite-mates.

In the afternoon, optionals reigned supreme: ten different activities were available, from dodgeball to yoga. The campers enjoyed all of them; I was specifically assigned to the dodgeball area, and we had a blast. The competitive spirit in the campers did not overshadow the amount of fun we had; jokes were abound and enthusiasm was high. The first day at SCATS did not seem like a first time experience for many campers as they all seemed like they were right at home.