Counselor’s Corner: VAMPY 2012 Talent Show

VAMPY 2012 Talent ShowVAMPY 2012 Talent ShowLast night was one of the premier events in all of VAMPY: The Talent Show. Although we are known for our “Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth,” the talent show was brimming with musical talent. Whether it be Zach singing “Hollow Man” a capella or Joanna performing Rossini’s Sonata Number Three on the clarinet, there was obvious musical talent in this group of 250. Among the musical acts were the ever-present “VAMPY songs.” These songs include pieces such as VAMPY Ignition, VAMPY Zombie, and Hallelujah to name a few. Traditionally sung by fourth years, these songs bring back strong memories and will always be associated with camp.

VAMPY 2012 Talent ShowAlthough musical performances dominated the landscape of the talent show, there were other talents on display. Priyanka and Sangeet both performed classical Indian dances. Will, Tomi, and Ronit all tested their skills in the fickle field of stand-up comedy. And, of course, the Yes Dance. Performed by a group of interestingly dressed six boys and one girl, the Yes Dance was a comical replication of a viral youtube video.

Peppered throughout the talent show acts were the MCs. These MCs worked extensively to make sure the talent show was smooth and cohesive, an impressive feat considering we had a record number of 47 acts this year for a show that exceeded three hours. This years MC’s were Jim, Elizabeth, Jesse, Lu, Jacob, and Kayce. With the theme of the talent show being “Lumberjacks vs. Dinosaurs,” the MC’s managed to find clever ways to introduce each act while still maintaining the overall theme.

VAMPY 2012 Talent Show