Counselor’s Corner: It’s The Last Sunday at VAMPY!

VAMPY 2012 Pie Eating

Yesterday was the last Sunday at VAMPY 2012, and the campers stuck to the usual Sunday routine. Though Sundays are not as busy as other days, there was a lot going on; Church services, The Wimbledon tournament on the projector screen in the 4th floor common room, and many kids utilizing the laundry rooms.

VAMPY 2012 Pie Eating Saturday was an exciting and busy day at camp with VCON 2012 and the first of the two dances. There were some very cool activities going on during the VAMPY Convention. With a theme of superheroes and activities like secret identity creation during which we made superhero masks, a pi memorizing/pie eating contest, early screening of the Dark Knight Rises (showing of the 60’s version of batman), Super Smash Brothers tournament, DC vs. Marvel (capture the flag), a soccer tournament, depletion of the galaxy race (mostly just eating Milky Way bars), Mr. Monopoly strikes back (board games), and a lot of other really creative and fun events.

VAMPY 2012 DanceAfter dinner, we headed to the auxiliary gym at Diddle Arena for the dance. The campers had a blast with the dance circles and head banging as well as the occasional slow dance where they formed big circles and danced with their friends. During the very last song, the traditional VAMPY song “Closing Time” by Semisonic, all the kids made a huge circle taking up the entire gymnasium! The campers had an awesome Saturday and Sunday. I’m looking forward to the last week of camp and know the campers are as well.