Lady White 白蛇传

VAMPY Chinese Class

The Chinese class did a skit of Lady White, the tale of a snake falling in love with a human. Sound impossible? Well, how about a human falling in love with a vampire? Nobody can escape the throws of love.

The students only rehearsed for one hour before performing for Ms. Harper’s writing class in the afternoon. They infused it with their own humor, added sound effects from Chinese soap operas on Youtube, and improvised their own dialogue. They loved it so much that they not only did the entire skit for the official photographer, Mandy, they wanted to do it for the talent show.

I said, “Hold it, the best yet to come!”

Now it is Ms. Harper’s class turn. They are coming back with their version of screen play, and they are going to perform for us in the beginning of the thrid week. We can not wait!

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