Counselor’s Corner: The First Week of VAMPY 2012

Counselor Olivia Reed
Counselor Olivia Reed

It is hard to believe that that the first week of VAMPY 2012 is already coming to a close. The campers are very excited about their first weekend, and the first week has been great. All of my campers are learning so much in their classes, and it is hard to believe how far some of them have gotten in their textbooks after only a week of class. The first week has been a busy one, and the campers have already had a lot of very memorable experiences. Earlier in the week, three of the campers in my group went on a star gazing field trip for astronomy. They told me that it was their favorite thing they have done so far, and I was glad that they had that opportunity.

Last night, we all got the chance to go see a community band perform patriotic music. Despite the heat, everyone enjoyed the new experience and listening to patriotic music as it gets closer to the Fourth of July.  Even when there are not special events, we have a lot of fun with the kids every day during optionals, community time, and floor time.  My group has bonded extremely quickly, and we keep saying that it feels like we have all been together for longer than a week. I am excited about the upcoming weekend and the things to come during weeks two and three of VAMPY 2012.