Counselor’s Corner: It’s Friday, Friday…

Counselor Nilesh Sahi
Counselor Nilesh Sahi

It seems like just yesterday that I was meeting parents and getting acquainted with all my new campers. Now all of a sudden it is Friday, and the first week of VAMPY 2012 is coming to an end. The campers have been involved in a plethora of activities and events while being here. They have been able to meet new friends through our icebreakers and optional activities. The campers have participated in many optionals such as capture the flag, tea time, and one of the most popular activities, Magic: the Gathering. They have also had the opportunity to watch a community band perform some exceptional pieces.

Not only have I seen the campers bond through these games and activities, but I have also noticed some campers having friendly debates with their peers over various aspects of politics and society. It truly amazed me that these young individuals were so intellectually involved in current affairs and were able to voice their opinions with proper justification. Aside from what happens outside the classroom, these campers are learning so much from their courses. They are being challenged every day and are able to thinkĀ  critically at a higher level. There are so many more special activities and events planned for the future that we know the campers will have fun.