Counselor’s Corner: News Alert

Today’s top story:

Camper Luke One Step Closer to Achieving World Domination (at least on cardboard)

Counselor Jakob Vejr
Counselor Jakob Vejr

War is RISKy business. Early this morning Luke put the final nail in the coffin of Jaterrius’s armies. After being driven out of Africa, Jaterrius attempted a last ditch attack on Luke’s armies in southern Europe. Valiantly delaying the inevitable for a while, Jaterrius now takes his place along with Ethan and Ben as commanders of vanquished armies. Meanwhile, John is amassing troops in Indonesia, preparing to embark on a conquest of the entire continent of Asia. Were his invasion to be successful, the tides of the game could drastically change, but as it stands, Luke seems to be in control of the contest and will soon be in control of the world. More coming on this story later.

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