Counselor’s Corner: Saturday Fun

Counselor Joseph Groom
Counselor Joseph Groom

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at SCATS are designed for campers to relax and to get to know each other a little better. After a Friday night of swimming, jogging, volleyball, basketball, raquetball, and tennis at the campus recreation center, the campers awoke to breakfast and Saturday morning cartoons. I chose water games for my optional activity in the afternoon. After a sponge relay and water balloon popping relays (with intermittent water balloon throwing), we re-fortified our arsenal of water balloons to attack the group playing Capture the Flag.  Seeing 30 kids charging across the street with water balloons in hand (safely within the crosswalk, of course) is bound to become my favorite SCATS memory.

When a downpour began later in the afternoon, I enjoyed watching a group of drenched campers and counselors play Ultimate Frisbee. We concluded the day with Paper Theater, a tradition nearly as old as SCATS itself.  Campers were put into groups to reenact classic fairy tales with a modern day twist, using only newspaper for costumes and props.  It was great to see just how creative these kids are. I’m looking forward to the second week!