Counselor’s Corner: Getting to Know You — Down to Earth!

Counselor Leah Hughes
Counselor Leah Hughes


During the very first day, the counselors had quite a time getting to know the campers as the campers got to know each other in a series of get-to-know-you games. The campers, arranged according to counselor group, rotated around to different activities playing different games from elbow tag to pterodactyl to human knot! Everyone enjoyed many laughs and shared many facts as budding friendships emerged. Pictured is one such get-to-know-you game in which the students were instructed to spell a word on the ground using only their bodies with one stipulation: they couldn’t communicate verbally or touch or move each other in any way! Persistently, students overcame this challenge using teamwork. In the task captured in the photo, they had to spell the name of a WKU icon and mascot — schmo!