Amusement Park Physics Takes Off with Energy

Amusement Park Physics Day 1Amusement Park Physics takes a lot of in-class movement, discussions, and experimentation. As the students realized yesterday, they cannot learn physics simply by reading a book or listening to lectures.

The students came in ready and eager to learn. We started out by making Science Notebooks in which the students will write during this class. Then, we dove directly into structural supports with the students designing their own experiments on support systems based on a challenge and a given set of materials. Their minds were working, and we had lots of fun investigating.

Today we will learn about speed, velocity, and acceleration. The students are expecting to do at least one experiment each day, but most days they will perform two or three experiments. It’s going to be a full two weeks, and the students will learn a lot. We’re all excited for our next class to start!

Amusement Park Physics Day 1