VAMPY Humanities Visits St. Meinrad

The summer of 2011 was the 18th one that the VAMPY Humanities class has traveled to St. Meinrad’s Monastery in southern Indiana. Founded in 1854 by monks from Einsiedeln Abbey in Switzerland, St. Meinrad comprises a guest house, college and dorm facilities, the monastery where approximately 100 monks live, and the gorgeous Archabbey church among other things. Brother Maurus led the class on an informative and enjoyable tour around the facilities. Favorites included the Chapter Room complete with colorfully painted ceilings and black and white stained glass, the Black Madonna, the flower garden, and the church’s stained glass and first-class relic of St. Meinrad (i.e., a finger bone.) The class enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grounds of the Shrine of Monte Casino, a lovely Romanesque church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The day helped the class understand Roman Catholicism, the backbone of Dante’s Divine Comedy. A special thanks goes to Carolyn Hagaman who accompanied the class.

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