Video Blog: Humanities Class Visits St. Meinrad Archabbey

Each summer, the VAMPY Humanities class visits the St. Meinrad Archabbey in southern Indiana.  During the class, students study how different cultures throughout history have viewed the afterlife in religion, art, storytelling, and other forms of cultural expression.

Paper Theater Deserves An Emmy

Wednesday evening, counselors organized the annual theatrical highlight of the VAMPY season; Paper Theater. In Paper Theater, campers are randomly divided into performance groups and assigned nursery tales with a twist (think Three Little Pigs ala Desperate Housewives). The catch is, all costumes and props are created with newspaper, markers and tape. The creativity and […]

How Hot Does a Cheetoh Have to Be?

Johnathan Drake’s VAMPY Chemistry Class was studying heat and working problems when I first arrived in their class Wednesday morning. Mr. Drake promised me if I would return after lunch I might see a more graphical illustration of what the students were studying. When I returned I saw that they were performing some interesting experiments […]

Wow! Such Amazing Mathematicians!

VAMPY has three different classes of math this summer. I happened to walk in a day when they were all practicing concepts that had been taught. They have folded paper and have had speakers and seen movies.

Sun Spots Get In Your Eyes

On Thursday, July 8, amateur astronomer Bob Summerfield of Astronomy-To-Go, from Philadelphia, assisted VAMPY Astronomy teacher Ashley Murphy with demonstrating solar telescopes. The weather was sweltering but the views of the sun and sunspots were amazing. Here is a song about the sun. Thanks for the great visit, Mr. Summerfield! These pictures are all downloadable […]

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