Ancient Greece Comes To VAMPY

This past Thursday, the 2010 VAMPY Humanities class took a trip down south all the way to Nashville to learn about some local culture, specifically some local ancient Grecian culture.

If that sounds unusual, or even impossible, then clearly you haven’t been to the Parthenon.

Yes, the Parthenon, located in Nashville’s very own Centennial Park. The class got the chance to learn all about the history behind the Parthenon (both the one they were in and the one it so exquisitely replicates) and to develop an understanding of the role such structures played in the world of the ancient Greeks.

After that they all sat down to a delightful picnic in the park before heading off to the Sherith Israel Orthodox Synagogue just down the street. Rabbi Saul Strosberg, the Synagogoue’s spiritual leader, gave the students a very informative lecture about aspects of Jewish culture and history. Once concept that was discussed in particular, the Jewish concept of the afterlife, was something they certainly found both interesting and helpful since the main focus of the class is to understand how different cultures throughout history have approached the subject.

All and all it was a great trip and a great day full fascinating lessons and fun times for all.