Magically Miraculous Math

I apologize for not posting updates lately. I have had an unexpected illness and will not be able to teach class this upcoming week. Rest assured that your children will still learn some amazing math concepts. I will still be involved and help with the lesson planning.

What you all really care to hear about is what your children have been learning.

The students have been working on different problems in graph theory. They have learned what a node/vertex and edge are. They have also worked on problems such as the Königsberg Bridge Problem. This problem provided the motivation for the study of graph theory in general. For more information about the Königsberg Bridge Problem, please visit For more information about graph theory in general, please visit

I was very impressed with the students when they were able to extend the idea of graph theory into other problems they have encountered in their education. These students are extraordinary and have impressed me greatly throughout the past week. Some of the problems we have worked on this past week are problems I did not encounter until my senior year of college. Although I simplified the problems a bit for their ages, the students were still able to understand the mathematics behind very advanced problems. You should all be very proud of your children’s mathematical abilities.