Magically Miraculous Math – Day 2

On Tuesday, June 15, the Magically Miraculous Math class explored whether pi (π) or infinity (∞) is “larger.” The students were able to see that a proper explanation is needed because larger can be defined in multiple ways. In the end, the students discovered that although infinity is a concept, it is considered to be larger than pi.

We also created Möbius bands in class. Pictures of some bands and students with their bands can be seen below. The students worked in groups to determine how the bands relate to infinity. For more information about Möbius bands, go to The students also learned how this relates to a 4D Klein bottle. For more information on Klein bottles, please visit

We finished our discussion on the various kinds of numbers. This included discussions on real numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, integers, whole numbers, natural numbers, zero, and imaginary numbers. The students enjoyed learning about imaginary numbers.

Everyone has learned a lot and has contributed greatly to the class. I have seen quite a bit of growth from Monday and anticipate even more to come.

-Tyler Clark
Magically Miraculous Math teacher