From the Hill to Hollywood and back

What programs and events do you remember from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s? The Pop Culture class at VAMPY has been exploring the decades in wonderfully unusual ways. When asked what she liked best so far in class, Charlotte F. mentioned how much she liked the holiday projects. She smiled saying, “I did Thanksgiving and […]

A search for truth at VAMPY

For more than a year, campers and teachers waited for VAMPY – and 2022 again proved it is worth the wait. It has been great to be back with our students in the Nazi Germany and the Holocaust class, watching them interact and engage individually and collectively while also focusing on the lessons we can […]

Finding success in failure

Many gifted students have learned to play the game of school. They memorize answers to make the teacher happy and receive the desired grade. All too often, they never experience failure. This environment is not suited for learning how to solve problems and overcome issues in the real world. Our goal in Problems You’ve Never […]

O is for Optionals

Optionals are a great time for campers and counselors to mix and mingle most nights after dinner. The name of this activity is somewhat of a misnomer as participation is definitely not optional, but the counselors take care to make sure there is something appealing to everyone. They plan out fun activities including chalk art, […]

Attractions to reactions

Science is everywhere. It is in everything that we can see, taste, touch, and hear. In chemistry, we explore matter and the changes that it may undergo. At VAMPY, students dive deeper into this subject and gain experience in completing scientific calculations, making predictions based on their answers, and executing a hands-on lab to check […]