Optionals Focus: Candy Crush

by Melina Durham After a weekend filled with planetarium visits, water fights, and cookouts, Monday was a return to normalcy for SCATS campers. The students went back to classes and went back to eating their favorite food at the Downing Student Union. The counselors all prioritized making Optionals fun and engaging for the campers. We […]

Friendships Flourish at SCATS

Sienna Johnson, Emma O'Nan, and Evelyn Ulm sit together laughing.

During lunchtime on the second Monday of SCATS, campers sit in small and big groups at tables all around Fresh Foods. They eat chili dogs, pasta salad, and chocolate cake as they talk and laugh. It may seem like any other school lunchtime scene, …

The Thrill of Paper Theater

Emily Jones

The campers were split up into small groups and each assigned to tell a classic fairy tale with a fun twist.

Fun Wins the Day at the SCATS Olympics

by Declan Delaney This Saturday, campers competed in one of the most-loved SCATS traditions: the Olympic Games. Partnered with another counselor group, campers competed as teams from countries such as Japan, Brazil, and Greece in a variety of events. The morning of the games, campers gathered in their teams to get their faces painted, grab […]