Calculus, it’s just for fun!

The first week of SCATS 2022 is officially over, but it seems that the campers are having more and more fun as the days go on. One part of SCATS that seems to be a universal favorite are our optional activities that take place almost every weeknight.    On Monday night we had our penultimate […]

Recycled stories

SCATS campers were put to the test on Saturday in what we call Paper Theater. The students were divided into groups and given a stack of newspapers, tape, and a wacky theme for a skit. “Goldilocks, the Opera,” “Rapunzel, Space Edition,” “The Wizard of Oz in the Wild West,” you name it! Old stories got […]

Measuring up

As everyone walked into the Monday morning SCATS class of Math-ing in Kentucky, a large note was projected onto the wall at the front of the room, “Be ready to share one adventure you had this weekend!” One by one the students shared their varied successes, bloopers, and excitement from the previous weekend. Teddy M. […]

Citius, Altius, Fortius

This past Saturday (June 11), our campers showed wonderful teamwork competing in the SCATS Olympics! Eight “nations” (Albania, Chad, Greece, Madagascar, Mexico, the Roman Empire, the United States, and the Void) competed in a range of tournament-style events. Competition was fierce throughout the events, which ranged from dodge ball and tug-of-war, to trivia and Just Dance, […]

As day turns to night

At the end of every day, campers return to their floors to prepare for bed. You might think at this point they’d all be tired and ready to hit the hay, but it’s quite the opposite: Welcome to hall time.   During hall time, campers must stay on their floor and wing of Florence Schneider […]