SCATS is overflowing with talent

Wednesday night, we hosted the annual SCATS talent show. Campers enjoyed a variety of acts ranging from standup comedy, to singing and dancing, to musical instrument playing, to skits. Every year, a group of campers chosen by the counselors hosts the talent show and comes up with the theme. This year, Max T., Caleb J., […]

Exploring Russia

Making good on the SCATS class description’s promise, Russian instructor Ekaterina Myakshina offered incredibly authentic stories to her students, captured from the folklore of the Russian culture. On Monday, the story was all about Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Beautiful. Ekaterina opened with a video of Baba Yaga and then showed four illustrations of scenes […]

Campers in Kahoots

SCATS campers had a great opportunity to relax and have some fun outside at a cookout Sunday night. The campers lined up for hamburgers, hotdogs, and macaroni and cheese (with some cookies for dessert) on Gatton’s main lawn. Some campers played catch with Frisbees and kickballs, with Collyn M. making sure that no Frisbee stayed on the […]

The Ultimate challenge

Some kids have really wanted the chance to play video games during SCATS, and they finally got the chance to do that when counselor Natalie H. brought out her Nintendo Switch on Monday and Tuesday. The game of choice was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the campers had a tournament full of chaotic, free-for-all, four-player […]

Nintendo for the win

One of the campers’ favorite optionals is to play some local multiplayer games on counselors’ Nintendo Switch consoles.   We played Just Dance earlier in camp and at the Olympics on Saturday. In Just Dance, four animated characters dance onscreen to a popular song that plays over the speakers. Each camper who is participating holds […]