Sustainability: Students Explore Multiple Perspectives

It’s impossible to escape bias. Through readings, documentaries, and lively class discussions, students in the VAMPY Sustainability course have considered a broad range of topics—climate change, food production, energy consumption, housing, solid waste management, recycling. Yet every “authority” we’ve consulted brings some bias to the table. Two recent site visits offered students the opportunity to […]

Conversations on Sustainability

Sustainability is an idea that reaches far beyond the scope of renewable energy or individuals trying to “live green.”  So far, our class has delved into the topics of food production, consumerism, recycling, packaging waste, industrialization, economics, energy production and usage, global warming and climate change, and personal, corporate, and governmental accountability for sustainable practices. Our […]

Sustainability at WKU

VAMPY students have recently had multiple opportunities to learn about Western Kentucky University’s commitment to sustainability. Christian Ryan-Downing, Campus Sustainability Coordinator, was our host for the WKU Green Tour. Reusing abandoned bicycles in the Big Red Bike program, watering plants using stored rainwater, and experimenting with highly reflective asphalt coatings (to reduce “heat island effect”) […]

The First Week of Classes Wraps Up at VAMPY 2012

The first weekend of VAMPY 2012 is nearly here, but campers aren’t slowing down one bit it their classes. Students are making the most of their time with new experiments, field trips, performances, and more. Check out some scenes from the end of week one here at VAMPY 2012!

Sustainability Learns About Life “Down on the Farm”

On Wednesday, our class went on our first field trip to explore sustainable farming practices at four Bowling Green area farms. We have been discussing issues of Sustainability within social, economic, and environmental frameworks. One of the first big topics we  have been exploring is the idea of sustainable food production. Although we have already […]

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