Focus on Arabic: Let’s Make Mistakes!

Learning another language is one of the most rewarding challenges any person can undertake. We began speaking Arabic on the very first day of class, learning traditional greetings and basic conversation skills.

Focus on Ancient Civilizations: Impacts Across Time

The goal of the class is for students to attain a deep understanding of the critical attributes of the culture of ancient civilizations and a sense of the impact of those cultures across time, with a focus on Greece and Rome.

Focus on Problems You Have Never Solved Before: Failure is Always an Option

by Emily Jones Many gifted students have learned to play the game of school: they memorize the answer to make the teacher happy and receive the desired grade. All too often, they never get to experience failure. This environment is not suited for learning how to problem-solve and overcome issues in the real world. Our […]

Focus of DNA & Genetics: Curiosity Welcome!

Discussion is unique in this class because we can pursue some of those unanswered questions — and someday, the answers could end up being part of a revolutionary cure to a disease.

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