Week Three Adventures at VAMPY 2012

Our campers have been delving into some big adventures — including swimming in a blue hole, building a telescope, extracting DNA, and more — during their final week of VAMPY 2012. See them in action here!  

Friday the VAMPY Way

Whether they were traditional Chinese fan dancing, sun gazing, or Dante’s-Inferno reading, our campers had quite a conclusion to week two of VAMPY 2012. Check out all the excitement here!

Astronomy Day 4 Update

Hello! This week has been pretty eventful with observing, activities, and content. On Tuesday, students presented their constellation mythology and drawings. We backed this up with a presentation on seasons and the tilt of the Earth. Students were able to construct their own Solar Motion Demonstrator so that they can see the path and amount […]

Astronomy: Day 1!

Hello! My name is Amar Patel, and I am the teaching assistant for Astronomy this year (my third year). I am very excited to get to know all the students as is the course instructor, Catherine Poteet. We hope this course will be a great opportunity for the students to grow in their ability to […]

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