Parenting Strategies to Motivate Underachieving Gifted Students

By The Duke Talent Identification Program The underachievement of capable children is an area of concern for many parents and educators. Although the study of student underachievement has a long educational history, it is more productive to consider what motivates students to do well. Students tend to be motivated when they find a task meaningful, […]

Help Your Child Find the Flow

By The Duke Talent Identification Program The next time you see your child engrossed in a video game, watch carefully. Notice the look of intense concentration. Except for the occasional gasp of excitement or exasperation, he or she is silent and may remain that way for hours, enraptured.“Ah,” the cry goes up from a million […]

Giftedness: A Motivational Perspective

By The Duke Talent Identification Program True or false? Some people are born gifted, and others are not. You can tell who will be gifted from early on. Gifted children should be labeled and praised for their brains and talent. All of these statements are accepted by many as true. However, as evidence has accumulated […]

Parenting for Achievement

By The Duke Talent Identification Program For many parents with gifted children, motivation can be a struggle. This article offers explanations for why this struggle exists, and offers some recommendations for how to foster effort and help students reach their potential. One of the prevailing themes of this article is the idea of learning what […]

Lighting a Fire: Motivating Boys To Succeed

By The Duke Talent Identification Program You’ve got a bright child on your hands! As a preschooler he loved books, drawing, and creating with blocks. He was excited by the things around him and was a bundle of energy, wanting to explore, handle, and figure out his world. The Disconnect When he started school he […]

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