Optionals Focus: Make Your Own Optional, Part I

Starting in the second week we typically have more — and more special — night-time activities that take the place of our normal routine, so we take advantage of every chance we have left to do Optionals.

Tracy Inman Looks Back on Thirty Years of Humanities

So many young people do not get the opportunity to talk about abstract concepts when they’re in traditional school, and VAMPY students are at an age when they are starting to question some existential things such as “Why am I here?” and “Why is there evil?”

Focus on Mathematics: “I Hate to Struggle”

Samantha Kitchens smiles

I have noticed — in my own experience and while observing VAMPY students this week — that gifted students hate to struggle. They absolutely hate it. As mathematician and a future educator, however, I aim to have students struggle.

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