Writing students focus on imagery in multiple genres

We are now halfway through week two, and the students in the writing class have certainly been busy. Since the start of VAMPY 2017 the students have been learning about and writing in a variety of genres in preparation for constructing their overall project. This project is a self-driven and inquiry-focused assignment in which students […]

A Perfect VAMPY Fourth

During my time as a camper, one of my favorite days of VAMPY was the Fourth of July. As a counselor, the Fourth of July remains my favorite day of camp. Every year on the Fourth, the campers trek to downtown Bowling Green and attend a Hot Rods baseball game and enjoy the fireworks show […]

Presidential Politics studies the Bush-Dukakis campaign and prepares for D.C.

On Tuesday, Presidential Politics began class with the students sharing what July 4th means to them and what traditions they have taken part in to celebrate the holiday. We then examined the legacy of President George H.W. Bush by reading his inaugural address, looking at historians’ rankings of his presidency, and watching a short clip […]

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