Teacher’s Talk: Algebraic Functions “Ending Week 1”

Well it is the end of the first week and I have had a blast with the kids.  Today, the students performed an experiment to see how strong spaghetti is.  They enjoyed breaking the spaghetti, and realized it is stronger than they imagined.  Hopefully they are excited about math and will continue to learn and have fun.  Next week, […]

Counselor’s Corner: Jake Inman – Band Concert

Last night, we took the kids to see the Twilight Series concert put on by the WKU band. The campers were delighted to hear that the theme of the show was music from classic films. We heard songs from a wide range of movies, including Beauty and the Beast, The Sound of Music, The Pink […]

SCATS Recap: Day 5 (Friday the 13th Edition)

The first Friday of SCATS is always a busy day for campers, and this Friday the 13th didn’t disappoint!  The cameramen traveled to Russia and watched dances and plays, viewed coral and fish being made right in front of our eyes (well, at least in paper form), we saw through the lenses of budding photographers, and even […]

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