¡Hola mis estudiantes y padres! Hello my parents and students!

¡Bievenidos! Welcome to SCATS, and more importantly, welcome to Spanish/Español 101! I am looking forward to getting to know all of my students and what their views are on learning another language. I am especially interested in finding out how many of them (if any) have had foreign language experience or have had any type […]

Spanish Art and Architecture 101 Day 1

With eight students in our modest classroom, we have real challenges ahead of us as our artistic endeavors begin. Figuring out how to construct the Sagrada Familia in only one week’s time is a great example that demonstrates our need to push ourselves to the limit during our short class periods. Today, we focused on […]

Astronomy Students Tackle the Night Sky

During their first session, SCATS Astronomy students visited Hardin Planetarium to identify the constellations and planets they will see in the early-June night sky. They will attend a “star party,” also known as a nighttime observing session, later this week. What energy these students have! Black holes, quasars, and extraterrestrial life were already on their […]

Be a Writer Class Day 1

Students share their three-minute quick-writes about themselves. We are off to a fantastic start!  Today’s activities began with becoming a community of writers by learning all names of classmates — “zip, zap – can you name the person to your right and left?”  Other activities included: QTQs (Quick thinking questions), Smiley Face Tricks(writing tools published authors use), decorating the […]

Welcome to SCATS 2012

The Center for Gifted Studies kicked off the first full day of SCATS 2012 today, and dreary weather didn’t stand a chance of dampening spirits. Sunday we had the pleasure of welcoming 195 students from 54 Kentucky school districts and six states across the country to Western Kentucky University’s campus. Each brought enough clothes to last […]

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