VAMPY 2012 Winds Down with a Dragon, a Trial and Art Projects

The final day of classes at VAMPY 2012 featured some exciting activities that the students won’t soon forget. In Chinese, students invaded other classes with drums, a fan and a dragon in tow. That’s right – several students stood under a traditional Chinese dragon costume and danced for members of other classes. Over in Nazi […]

Yeah, Chinese Food and Visiting the Writing Class!

Going to the Chinese restaurant today was a blast! It was great to go through a buffet and have somebody point out authentic Chinese cuisine and explain a little bit about each dish. I probably wouldn’t have dreamed of eating most of the stuff I did today. If Niu Lao Shi and Lin Lao Shi […]

Murals, Debates and Ransom Notes: Thursday at VAMPY

Classes are humming right along as VAMPY 2012 nears its conclusion! In Nazi Germany class, students worked to complete two murals and design shirts for a play. Students in Presidential Politics engaged in spirited debate and Forensic Chemistry had its students examine the handwriting in different ransom notes. All in a day’s work!

Week Three Adventures at VAMPY 2012

Our campers have been delving into some big adventures — including swimming in a blue hole, building a telescope, extracting DNA, and more — during their final week of VAMPY 2012. See them in action here!  

Chinese: Unveiling the Mystery of the Political System in Communist China

During the presentation on China’s political system with the Presidential Politics class sitting in with us, I learned more about the Chinese government, how it’s structured, and how it functions. One interesting thing I noticed is, contrary to many Americans’ presumption, China has a body that represents the people for legislative purposes (what they call […]