Astronomy: Summer Begins, and SCATS Ends

In week two of SCATS, students branched out beyond the solar system to discuss the life cycles of other stars, black holes, and other theoretical topics. On Wednesday, the occurrence of the summer solstice gave classes an opportunity to revisit what they had learned about the sun’s motion. One student asked, “At the spring equinox, […]

Be a Writer: Class Week 2 – Day 5

As the final day of class began, the students were immersed in poetry. They wrote and shared various types of poetry as the day progressed. Campers wrote “color” poetry, a “How does it feel to be…?” poem, and two poems from an activity using random vocabulary “Poetry Cards.” After writing the poems, each student illustrated […]

Be a Writer: Class Week 2 – Day 4

Thursday began with the statement, “Good Writers are Copycats and Thieves.” This means they use great writing to inspire their own great pieces. Students started class with answering some, “Would you rather…” questions.  For example, “Would you rather be a giraffe or a monkey?” This activity led to thinking of world, country, state, and local […]

Amusement Park Physics Makes Roller Coasters

What a great day! On Thursday, the students learned about one last concept before they begin work on their amusement park ride designs on Friday. We learned about potential and kinetic energy by building roller coasters. The students had a wonderful time while working in groups. They designed the track using pipe insulation and solved […]

Lunar Thinking: Presenting Our Lunar Colonies

Today was presentation day! Students showed their research, creativity and design skills in their lunar colony designs. Each student or group described their designs in detail and included many interesting features. Amazingly, no two designs were alike! Of course, most had solar panels, but several had other power options as well. Some included futuristic vehicles […]