Forensic Chemistry: Fingerprint Friday

On Friday we did fingerprinting! We took our own fingerprints and discovered whether we have loop, whorl, or arch patterns on each of our fingers. We brought up latent (invisible) prints using ninhydrine, silver nitrate, and super glue fuming just to name a few of the techniques. We also braved the hot weather and went […]

The First Week of Classes Wraps Up at VAMPY 2012

The first weekend of VAMPY 2012 is nearly here, but campers aren’t slowing down one bit it their classes. Students are making the most of their time with new experiments, field trips, performances, and more. Check out some scenes from the end of week one here at VAMPY 2012!

Forensic Chemistry: Finding Evidence

We got to spend some time outside today! We learned about grid searches and put our new found knowledge to use. We split up into three groups and searched three different areas looking for evidence, marking it with an evidence flag when we found it. We managed to lose only two of the 33 pieces […]

Forensic Chemistry: Mysterious Powder and Maggots

Today, we discovered how to identify unknown white powders! Using known samples, we were able to identify the unknown by comparing the reactions of the powder when exposed to different things such as heat, hydrochloric acid, and silver nitrate just to name off a few. During this lab, we discovered that one of the powders, […]