Questions abound in DNA and Genetics

As a first year teaching assistant, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this VAMPY experience. What I have already discovered in my short time here is what a truly special place this summer camp is for everyone involved.   I have been fortunate to witness the magic that is happening in Colten Collings’ […]

Igniting the week – and the grill

We started the week with a typical VAMPY Sunday night dinner plan: a cookout. The campers lined up for hamburgers, hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese (with cookies and Rice Krispie treats for dessert) on the main lawn of Florence Schneider Hall. A couple of Frisbees were brought out, and many of us played catch […]

Three cheers for lunch!

Campers received a rousing welcome to The Fresh Food Company at Downing Student Union during Monday’s lunch period. “Fresh” offers a wide range of options that change daily; made-to-order protein bowls were the popular choice today.We’re sure everybody saved the best for last: The dessert bar offers fruit, cookies, brownies and a long-time camp favorite: […]