Magically Miraculous Math: Days 5 and 6

240px-Klein_bottle.svgThings around camp have been very busy. On Friday, the students presented their presentations about mathematicians in history. One of the deepest conversations came from the presentations about Felix Klein. He invented the Klein bottle (seen to the left) which is a closed nonorientable surface of Euler characteristic 0 (Dodson and Parker 1997, p. 125) that has no inside or outside, originally described by Felix Klein (Weisstein, Eric W. “Klein Bottle.” From MathWorld–A Wolfram Web Resource. Loosely, this object is a 4 dimensional möbius band. The idea of moving into a fourth dimension was a profound ideas for students.

Yesterday, we looked at the golden ratio and its relation to Fibonacci numbers. We also studied the Fibonacci spiral and where it is visible in the world around us.