A look ahead to the end of SCATS

Slaid Leatherman
Slaid Leatherman

The second week of camp is more than halfway over, and at this point in the program, I would like to reflect on that Sunday, June 7th, when my campers first walked through the doors of Northeast Hall. Thinking back, I’m not quite sure who was more nervous, the children who would be my charges for the next two weeks, or myself, the first year counselor who would have the responsibility and pleasure of looking after them.

I got lucky having such a great group of kids. Not once did I have to knock on someone’s door to rouse them from a dream. In fact, most days I awake to enthusiastic voices filtering through my door from the hall. Whether it be over a slice of pizza at DSU or at the end of the day during room checks, talking to these campers has always been fun since they are all so enthusiastic about camp. I can barely manage to get them in bed by the time it’s lights out!

The most recent topics during my room check talks have included the upcoming events of camp: the talent show, the banquet and the dance before Friday, their last day of classes. As the week closes and they enjoy these last few events with their new friends, I remember that same time when I was a camper like them. The last week is the most important time finish strong in their classes and squeeze out the last few moments they have together before they return to their families.

Slaid poses with his campers.
Slaid poses with his campers.
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