A Government by Middle School Students 1

A Government by Middle School Students 2Well it has been an interesting start for “A Government of the People, For the People…By Middle Schoolers?” so far this week! ┬áStudents have been working to design their own governments, and they’ve come up with some wild ideas, ranging from a Democratic Republic modeled after the U.S., to a Democratic Communistic state, to an Absolute Monarchy run by a monarch who must be cloned upon his death (the country’s name is Yo Mama)!

Continuing forward, students took the U.S. Constitution and modified it to fit what they feel would meet the needs of their government. This added an entirely new dynamic to the class, and the students were very excited by the possibilities. Some groups created a constitution very similar to ours, while others added completely new branches of and restrictions on government. This has been so much fun to watch!

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