Report from Astronomy: Never Stop Looking Up! 

It seems as though the past three weeks have flown by at the speed of light! We began VAMPY with an exciting day of telescope building, The students worked diligently and were able to finish their telescopes in time for our first observing trip of camp.

Report from Chemistry: Learning and Fun

Throughout the course of the three weeks, Chemistry students have had a routine. They come to class in the morning and watch a cool-off video (usually a documentary where students learn the history of chemistry), then start on the morning lab, followed by some worksheets.

Report from Mathematics: Unravelling Mysteries

If asked to describe mathematics in one word, many people would respond “hard” or “ew!” It’s easy to perceive a world full of numbers as a bunch of nonsense jumbled together with obscure rules or a language filled with random symbols and Greek letters. Yet, the VAMPY students in Mathematics, a course involving rigorous studying, challenge problems, origami, and lectures, have started to unravel the secrets of this subject.