Being a Gifted Boy: What We Have Learned

By The Duke Talent Identification Program Several months ago the parents of a highly gifted fourth grader, Trent, called me for advice about his development. They expressed considerable concern about his increasing unwillingness, as they put it, “to shine.” Having always performed academic tasks superbly and nonacademic ones reasonably well, Trent was entering the pre-adolescent […]

Extending Learning through Mentorship

By The Duke Talent Identification Program “Mom, you know how the meteorologist on TV talks about the different computer models that predict where a hurricane is going to hit? Well, I asked my teacher about it, but he said I should probably wait to learn more about them in college. How can I see those […]

Creating Opportunities to Develop Leadership Ability

Jessica Hampton works with her students.

By The Duke Talent Identification Program What is leadership? It involves persuading others to set aside their individual concerns, at least for a time, and pursue a goal that is important to the group. Leadership occurs only when others embrace the leader’s vision and the group’s goals as their own. Much has been written on […]

Developing Leadership Capacity

By The Duke Talent Identification Program It is commonly believed that leaders are born, not made. In fact, leadership is nurtured and developed. It does not “happen.” So, don’t wait for your child to emerge as a leader. Develop leadership capacity in your child by encouraging and providing opportunities for him or her to learn […]

Coping Skills: What Can We Learn from Those Who Succeed?

By the Duke Talent Identification Program In his latest book, Status Anxiety, Alain de Botton, the best-selling author and philosopher, graphically chronicles the universal anxiety, often unspoken, about what others think of us and whether they judge us successes or failures by our achievements. De Botton asks, “Why do people generally seem unsatisfied?” He answers […]