Nurturing Critical Thinking

By the Duke Talent Identification Program Each day hundreds of thoughts go through our heads. Some are simple questions like “How can I turn those chicken breasts into something interesting for dinner?” while others are profound inquiries like “What is the meaning of life?” Everyone thinks. The key is to cultivate our quality of thought. […]

Perfectionism: When Excellence Isn’t Good Enough

By the Duke University Talent Identification Program We want our children to strive for excellence. Whether in schoolwork, ice skating, music, art, scientific experiments, written work, or other activities, striving for excellence is usually a healthy way to develop talent. But when excellence does not seem good enough, perfectionism results, leaving children no room for […]

Rewarding Kids for Good Grades

By the Duke University Talent Identification Program Ever offer your children money, gifts, or special privileges for every “A” they bring home on their report card? If you do, you’re not alone. Across the nation parents are rewarding their children for good grades in a variety of ways—iPods, video games, concert tickets, and even cars! […]

When Praise Goes Awry

By the Duke University Talent Identification Program Praise is a powerful tool that parents and teachers can use to motivate their children. Furthermore, children appear to thrive on praise. Yet both the research on the effects of praise and advice about praise can be confusing. Praise can have widely different impacts on different children; it […]

Finding True Peers

By the Duke University Talent Identification Program Developing and maintaining friendships is an important aspect of any child’s development. However, for many gifted kids this can be a struggle. Using the term “true peers,” the first of the friendship articles discusses the struggle gifted kids may have in forming and maintaining friendships. For gifted children, […]