Parenting Strategies to Motivate Underachieving Gifted Students

By the Duke Talent Identification Program The underachievement of capable children is an area of concern for many parents and educators. Although the study of student underachievement has a long educational history, it is more productive to consider what motivates students to do well. Students tend to be motivated when they find a task meaningful, […]

What Is Critical Thinking?

By the Duke Talent Identification Program Critical thinking is a skill that focuses on using logic and analysis—and not just memorized facts—to answer questions and solve problems. Essentially, critical thinking relies on practicing how to think, not what to think. For example, asking, What makes biology a science? requires far more thought and reflection than […]

Nurturing Verbal Talent

By the Duke University Talent Identification Program My son always receives A’s on his spelling tests. My daughter loves to write and tell stories. Are these youth verbally gifted? Possibly. Should their parents nurture their potential talent? Absolutely. Experts in gifted education recommend fostering a child’s interests while seeking an identification of ability. Studies confirm […]

Fifth-Grade Underachievement

By the Duke University Talent Identification Program Parent Question: I have a fifth-grade daughter who until recently was an A/B student. She has always scored high on her Iowa tests. Lately, she has been bringing home papers and tests with Ds and Fs on them. She forgets to bring material home from school to study […]

Rewarding Kids for Good Grades

By the Duke University Talent Identification Program Ever offer your children money, gifts, or special privileges for every “A” they bring home on their report card? If you do, you’re not alone. Across the nation parents are rewarding their children for good grades in a variety of ways—iPods, video games, concert tickets, and even cars! […]