Returning Campers Check In

Jalen Dykes and Jaden Mostiller pose together.

We caught up with many of these campers in between walking to classes to see what they were looking forward to

Learning Right Up to the End

At VAMPY, the last days of class are still full of opportunities to discover as well as chances for students to demonstrate what they have learned. Here’s a quick peek at was going on in some of our classes on Wednesday and Thursday:

Camp Innovate’s Teaching Strategies Give Students the Power

At Camp Innovate, the spirit of innovation is at work not only in what we teach but how we teach it. We want our high-ability, high interest third through fifth graders to have choice in what they do in class, and we want our activities to be “minds on” as well as “hands on” so that students have the power to learn as much as they want and as much as they are able.

The Ballad of The Cereal Kid

Today at approximately 12:30 p.m., Danilo Mendoza broke Stuart Kernohan’s VAMPY record by consuming 101 bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch …