Math makes the world go ’round

boy looking at computer showing geometry sphere

Something I love about mathematics is the wealth of things it can describe. Throughout the first week of VAMPY, we have explored complex shapes, patterns in nature, and probability. Campers discovered unique ways in which these topics describe the world around us.   As one of the hottest weeks of June came to a close, […]

Three cheers for lunch!

Campers received a rousing welcome to The Fresh Food Company at Downing Student Union during Monday’s lunch period. “Fresh” offers a wide range of options that change daily; made-to-order protein bowls were the popular choice today.We’re sure everybody saved the best for last: The dessert bar offers fruit, cookies, brownies and a long-time camp favorite: […]

Welcome to SCATS!

On Sunday afternoon, The Center for Gifted Studies welcomed a class of 100 to the Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students.  Our counselors, teachers, and staff eagerly waited for families to arrive and get started with fun group activities and two weeks of engaging classwork. It was nice to see some familiar faces […]