Getting their point across

Students in Ashley Latham’s class at Camp Discover were busy gathering research for their next debate. I looked over at Solon S.’s page, and in less than an hour, he had managed to bring up two pages worth of bullet points that will help justify his team’s stance on animal testing. “We are pro-animal testing […]

Breaking the math mold

Math can be a divisive subject (pun intended): People seem to love it or hate it. Teacher Natalie McCutchen has hit on a unifying solution: breakout games. In her Camp Discover class, Breakout Games + Math = Fun, students weave math into a game platform to create an experience that tops traditional classroom learning.   After […]

Learning bridge basics piece by piece

What are the physics behind building a bridge? What keeps it from falling into the deep waters below? What type of design makes a bridge stronger? Students learned the answers to these questions and more in the Bridge Building Challenge class at Camp Discover. The first day they worked on simple designs, then they dove […]