Discover campers to the rescue!

Disaster looms daily in Room 2017 of the WKU Honors College and International Center, and it’s up to the Camp Discover students in Madison Moss’ Engineering to the Rescue class to save the day.   After starting the week with the challenge of developing a way to walk across a lava field, students moved on […]

A sweet start to Diving into DNA

Instructor Lauren Houk knows a thing or two about working with middle schoolers. Camp Discover students walking into her class pass a table full of licorice, marshmallows, gum drops, and cookies. She has their attention before she even says a word.   While the candy may interest the campers, Ms. Houk’s words keep them engaged […]

Fantasy Theme Park Design is a thrill!

Walking into class, one can easily guess the topic of discussion with the giant roller coaster projected onto the wall. Discover campers in the Fantasy Theme Park Design class have already explored several theme parks, watched videos illustrating the types of rides, and had a discussion on what makes a good park. By the time […]

Ideas take flight at Camp Discover

Day One of Rocket Science was a blast! Within the first hour on Tuesday, Camp Discover students were busy putting together rockets for a launch. Instructor Ecil Miller is helping them learn about rockets the fun way – by building! Once the rockets were ready, the class went outside for a test launch. As instructed, […]